Friday, 22 April 2016

Crushed and Learnt

Crush,, crush,, crush .. Fact said you know you have a crush on someone when you'll notice every single detail about them no matter how small it is and when they do something for you, you feel so touched, no matter how simple it was.. It's cliche you know .. everyone do have feel this feeling at least once.. till they said girl may have many crush but only one stay in her heart while boys may flirt on many girls but only one stay in his heart.. 

          Mine happens from being a strangers to a friend. When I was 14, I did have a crush on this guy.. He is 2 years older than me and we went to the same school .. Well, yess he is good looking, i mean like who didnt fallen in love with handsome guy .. pfftt.. So, on that historical day, I was rehearsing our group performance on stage .. and there where I met him. He was a prefect that responsible to that events so he was there, preparing some tools and tents.. It was like a 
crush on the first sight that for the first time I dont feel like I wanted to know his name or where he came from .. 

          So we became friend when I knew he is my sister's friend and my sister introduced me to him. Then, I didnt know how we could skipped "acquitance-zone" and became friend exactly .. Since like we're in the same school so I kept crossing line to meet him. It made my day seriously, happiness comes from nowhere.. Even when I knew he's smilling to his friend behind me I felt like he was smilling to me  what can I say .. I began to imagine things about more than a friend but I never said this to him so it didnt happen. Then time passes by we still friend just not that close, I think we almost become strangers. 

                 This pressured me anyway so luckily the next year I got chance to transfered my school. I thought running away from him this far could make me forget him like forever but a year passes, and I heard he had a girlfriend and he ignored me almost everytime pfft i know i'm not anyone but friend kay and i mean idc anyway but it bothers me a lot till I planned to be anti-boys but serious saying it didnt. It makes me more to playgirl.. so we didnt talk for 4 years including that year. This year, on the first month, he texted me that's when I know he is single but too bad I wanted him but I dont think he wants me.. It crushed me a lot, it's my faults, I dont completely confessed but I just gave him hints. My heart pumpings like hell and my brain started to think nonsenses when he finally said " You're more than a friend to me " ok honestly, like metaphore, my heart drops and crashed till I couldnt find any pieces of it when he continues ".. you have been like sister, unbiological sister " It crushed me. Thank u crush for this hit. 

          Anyway, that's not my point actually hehehe so what I wanted to tell is that.. God gives this feeling for us to learn something. He brings a guy/girl to our life so that we could learn something from that person. It's a testimonies. Either we chose Him or our crush . The moment u chose your crush, He will give u chances to date and He gives u challenges. Sometimes, the challenge is about obstacle from family, something with our works or lost in support.  If u pass the challenges, that is when u could see u are living happily ever after with that person. While if u failed the challenge, that is when breaks up, hatred, scandals and every little bad of that person started to appear. It's also how strong u faced it, how really u need helps from Him. He always wanted to know that He is still the one that we really need, that's why He told us to ask if we need something.. He wants to communicate with us . ok. Admit it, you learnt something but perhaps u dont realize it. He is testing u because He loves u more. So what can I say. Crush is a gift and testimonies. If u ever asked someone how to forget this crush that crushed u a lot, they will said that
          "You better forget him/her the way you forget God when u are happy with him/her"

            So, I'm sorry if this is offending .. I'm not trying to say that u should not have a crush or u should not date or anything related. Maybe it just what I thought. Not because I was rejected because it just happened years ago. Focus on Lord and when u have him/her, dont forget Him.. True Love waits tho, just wait for the right time.. That's all because I think it will be perfect if u include Him in your relationship anyway .. I dont know am I talking nonsense or something but I'm going to stop here before I write ridiculous things.

            Thank u for spending time .. Feel free to leave your comments/story/sharing or anything that u argues or something comes in mind .. because I'm a human, I make mistake  be blessed

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Natural Makeover

So, what do u think I'm going to say today ? Well, a natural makeover is something that we dont have to spend much on it .. something like that yeah .. No offend but we girls should know that instead of looking hot by make-up, we should also looking hot by no-make-up .. It doesnt need to be hot in natural but sweet maybe .. Our natural look will reflects out honesty yeah ..

          So, now here are some tips that might help for a natural makeover .. Honestly, these are based on my readings and research then I practiced a lot. Some of it fail and some of it are perfect.. so I'm gonna tell u the perfect one .. Here are some u can do right before u sleep for a good result.

 To reduce pimples
--Treat  your blemishes while u sleep by applying tea tree oil (or similar ) on top of your pimple it will diminish and dissappear overnight.

 Use silk pillowcase
-- Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can be benificial for your hair to reduce split ends problem. Silk can also help keep your face look fresh and crease-free in the morning.

 For soft lips
-- Exfoliate your lips before heading to bed and then, apply your favourite lip balm or a nourishing oil (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil ) on your lips.

 For longer eyelashes
-- Apply castor oil to your eyelashes at night to help them grow longer and thicker. Use a clean q-tip and dab the oil along your top lash lines, u can see the results in 8-12 weeks.

 To erase wrinkles
-- Apply a sleeping mask over your regular moisturiser before u go to bed. It helps keep your skin hydrated at night long so u'll wake up with a face that feels just as supple as the night before.

 For wavy hair
-- Shower at night before sleep (shower at late night actually not good for your lung so I suggest that u only wet your hair) and style your hair before bed, wait for it to dry. Then run some styling creme through with your fingers. Depending on kind of waves u prefer, u can either sleep in braids or twist .

            Well,, it might cause u feel uncomfortable to sleep with oil on your face like eww.. i know, i've experiences it too but what i do is that i just put a little on my face just to know it's wet.. I mean not too much until your face become sticky .. Ok ? Ops not I'm not done yet..

             Here are some tips to take care of your face, 

1. Be know what type of skin u have.. oily skin ? Dry skin ? Both ? If,,oily skin your face will look wet, feeling of oil and shiny. Dry skin : your face will look dull, sensitive and flaky. While both will sometimes change until u dont know what is your skin type ..

2. Chose the suitable cleanser or face wash and try to still with it ..first to second try will cause blemishes then it will be ok.. as for oily skin, use a face wash as it is more mild and it will reduce the oil on your face .. then u may choose to use or not to use cleanser. For a dry skin, cleanser is better for your skin, it will moisture your face after cleans the dirt. For a better result, u may use facial cotton while washing and face lotion after washing.

3. Try not to scratch your pimples. Pimples that u leaves alone and u didnt touch it are going to dissappear faster than pimples that u had disturbed.

4. When u wanted to use make-up, make sure that u use moisturizer before anything. Look for the best brush . I mean u should know what type of brush u are using , how hard it is .. Make-up products are made up of chemical .. (maybe not all sorry for that) so u have to knock your brush on your finger to avoid the dust (for powder type eg, blusher)

             So,, that's all from me.. All the best to those who try. It is good to share then keep it. First and second try may cause problem but the next try will work. Take care of your meal taking and your exercises routine too .. Thank u for reading and thanks a lot to the owner .. some of the info, I picked from igdailyfitspo because it working perfectly and i'm not stealing right ?
               You go Girls ! 

Puberty hit is what u did ?

Well, I'll repeat. Puberty hit is like what u actually did to yourself.. male or female ? Well, both would do it.. It happens when u are matured enough to think how much u really need to change your personalities or there was something make u change yourself.. well u yourself know it .
      Anyway, for those who are waiting for their "puberty" who was always saying " how on earth did she do that ? When am I going to be like her ?! " I mean like seriously .. Awake ! It's up to u to get hit..
      So based on what I saw, what i've heard and what i've through,, man would hit themself by body building, joining calistenic activities, grow beards (or maybe some would shave it ), make themself a bad boy and look for something like trending .. why ? Ok well,, everyone has their own story . It's like

ok fine but you must know that they have through so many things that had change them into someone else who even u would like wow is it for real huh !  and even for girls ,, they would probably reshape their eyebrows, curled their hairs, dyed it sexy, be trendy and brandy, chosy on things, lose weight and increase the size of booty * tuttt sensored * .. it was so crazy until me myself.. uhhh honestly, it fears me a lot to exercise like them ..


              Well,, that's how I defined puberty .. maybe I'll add in something if I keep myself thinking and thinking.. sorry if I'm touching u or someone or anything .. yeah .. just want u to know that .. puberty is going to hit u when u are ready to move on .. in other words LEVEL UP !
               All the best as God is with u .. tell Him if u are worrying about something .. 
                      Am I out of topic ?