Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Puberty hit is what u did ?

Well, I'll repeat. Puberty hit is like what u actually did to yourself.. male or female ? Well, both would do it.. It happens when u are matured enough to think how much u really need to change your personalities or there was something make u change yourself.. well u yourself know it .
      Anyway, for those who are waiting for their "puberty" who was always saying " how on earth did she do that ? When am I going to be like her ?! " I mean like seriously .. Awake ! It's up to u to get hit..
      So based on what I saw, what i've heard and what i've through,, man would hit themself by body building, joining calistenic activities, grow beards (or maybe some would shave it ), make themself a bad boy and look for something like trending .. why ? Ok well,, everyone has their own story . It's like

ok fine but you must know that they have through so many things that had change them into someone else who even u would like wow is it for real huh !  and even for girls ,, they would probably reshape their eyebrows, curled their hairs, dyed it sexy, be trendy and brandy, chosy on things, lose weight and increase the size of booty * tuttt sensored * .. it was so crazy until me myself.. uhhh honestly, it fears me a lot to exercise like them ..


              Well,, that's how I defined puberty .. maybe I'll add in something if I keep myself thinking and thinking.. sorry if I'm touching u or someone or anything .. yeah .. just want u to know that .. puberty is going to hit u when u are ready to move on .. in other words LEVEL UP !
               All the best as God is with u .. tell Him if u are worrying about something .. 
                      Am I out of topic ?